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Indonesia June  2024 

If you are interested in joining this trip, then please get in touch. You can contact us by using the contact page on the webpage or by sending us a message via Direct Messenger or WhatsApp.

Non-divers will be welcome, and I will check on any change to the price when I have anyone interested.

Please check the two links at the end of this message to see something about the area for the trip.

This will be a hotel-based trip using 3 different resorts - Manado - Banka & and Lembeh.

The basic details are:

Flight routes: Singapore Airlines to London Heathrow to Singapore, about 1 1/2 hrs layover in Singapore, continuing to Manado and from there with a smaller airline.

Manado – North Sulawesi is the absolute dead centre of The Coral Triangle – see the image attached, I put an arrow on Manado for you – huge biodiversity and teeming with life.

North Sulawesi has an equatorial climate with two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season lasts from about November to March

Water Temperatures in the region of 28oC.

Proposed duration:

5 Nights in Manado (an extra day tagged on before diving to deal with jetlag)

Diving in Manado – Coral Walls to about 40M, really famous sites, and plenty of videos on YouTube!

Boat transfer to Bangka with 2 dives – these dives are further out than the local centres do so they are pristine.

4 nights in Bangka

Diving in Bangka – dugong, dolphins, pilot whales, wonderpus octopus and more

Boat transfer to Lembeh with 2 dives – these dives are further out than the local centres do so they are pristine.

4 Nights in Lembeh

Diving Lembeh – muck diving at its finest, volcanic sand with rubble, sponges and various other debris, an up-and-coming style of diving and very popular with photographers, plenty of species here that you will not find anywhere else on earth.

Full-board accommodation inclusions:

Free flowing mineral water, brewed coffee, and tea
Welcome drink and fruit platter
Airport escort service on arrival
Round trip airport transfers
Boat transfers between resorts with 2 guided air dives along the way
Unlimited unguided house reef dives

The compulsory Bunaken National Park entrance pin of IDR 150,000 (approx. £8) per person payable at Murex Manado is not included in the package.

Oonas Divers Passport to Paradise:!

A Passport to Paradise You Tube video from the Murex Resorts:

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