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Moving on in 2024

2023 heralded a shift in the business services offered by Cardiff Scuba. The number of calls we received from well-wishers was overwhelming and we felt very humbled and appreciative of the response.

It was very strange not making our way to the Dive Centre everyday and we wondered how 'easy' it would be to make the adjustment and then what to do with all the free time we would have with the closure of the shop.

Now at the end of the the year, there is one glaring question! What happened to all the free time that we believed we would have!!

With the continued support of our customer base, we have gone from strength to strength with the school. Our courses have been very well subscribed right throughout the year and we have thoroughly enjoyed supporting a great number of students from Beginners to Divemaster and Instructors.

Trips have again been fully booked throughout and we have enjoyed visiting sites both home and abroad.

Repairs and servicing have gone up exponentially, e.g. we completed our year having serviced, repaired and rescued 883 Dive suits (mostly those of the elusive 'Dry' variety.

As we move into 2024, our Dive calendar for the school is almost completed and is already well subscribed.  We have trips to Egypt, Oban, Scapa Flow and Indonesia mostly fully subscribed.

So we wish all of customers a very Happy Festive season and we look forward to sharing our diving experiences with those already qualified and those who will discover the thrill of this amazing sport.

Thank you everyone.

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