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  • What makes Cardiff Dive School the best choice for me?
    We believe in offering chocie to our students by having a calendar of preset dates for our courses. This allows you to plan ahead. Our Instructional staff have been associated with Cardiff Scuba for considerable periods of time. Most of them have progressed their careers from beginners with Cardiff Scuba, through the ranks to the senior roles they now enjoy. We are comitted to our students to the extent that we will never give up on anyone and will provide additonal support - whether it is with theory or practical skills - to ensure they can fullfil their dream of being a certified Scuba diver ........ and beyond.
  • What's the difference between SDI & PADI?
    Scuba Divers International (SDI) and, the Professional Association of Scuba Divers (PADI), are 2 of the certifying bodies we are licensed with, to provide training for Scuba Diving. When you choose Cardiff Scuba as your training provider, you are assured of service at the highest level. Both SDI & PADI have rigerous Standards and Procedures that we as Instructors are required to follow. Both organisations use online Quality Asssurance processes to ensure the quality and quantity of training is of the stadard required and that all appropriate Standards & Procedures have been followed. The content of courses offered by both have the same expecation of outcome. That is to provide you with a safe environment and quality teaching leading to your certification as a Scuba DIver or for those already certified, support in developing your knowledge and skills as you progress your various certifications.
  • Do you accept Debit / Credit Cards?
    We accept all major cards except for American Express. We use a processing system called iZettle. This means you can pay immediately - as per any other card transaction or we can send you a text with a link for you to make the payment direct. You can also pay by bank transfer or cash if you wish.


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