Cardiff Scuba Trips

We offer a regular Dive Trips throughout the year within the UK, ranging from the NDAC (Chepstow) for our School dives and Day Dives to West Wales, the South Coast of England and up to the very North of Scotland in the Orkneys and Shetlands.

Our foreign trips take us to Southern Ireland, Egypt, The Maldives, Truk, La Paz, Palau, and the Philippines.

Non-diving partners are always welcome to join us on our trips.

The UK has  a very varied reputation for Scuba Diving.

Very cold water, exceptionally poor visibility, nothing to see!!!

Well, although there is a degree of truth about these sentiments, the opposite is also very true.

An amazing array of wrecks, some of the most colourful reefs in the world, a different but abundant variety of fish and other sea-life, special area of interest enjoying 'protected areas' status to name but a few.

There is no doubt that UK diving can have challenging currents and weather conditions, but we also have flat water, amazing visibility and unique dive sites to enjoy.

It is worth noting that divers who train in the UK are well prepared to dive literally anywhere in the world. The same is not is not true for those who learn to and only practice at dive sites abroad.


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