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Cardiff Scuba – Open Water Referral

Going Abroad & Coming from Abroad

This programme is offered to those who wish to complete the theory and Confines Water Skills portion of the Open Water Course and the complete the 4 required Open Water dives for certification at a location abroad.

Cardiff Scuba – Open Water Referral from Abroad

The process for booking into this type of Booking is:

  • On making initial enquiries you advise us that you wish to go ahead with the booking.

  • We will take your details and send you a text message with a link to our payment system called Zettle which you can then access to make the payment.

  • When payment is confirmed, we send you course details by email, and ask you to register on-line with our certifying body – Scuba Divers International. 

  • Please let us know when you have completed this part of the process.

  • We will then send you:

    •  a Student Information form

    •  a Liability Release Declaration

    •  a Health Questionnaire – Note: Any ‘Yes’ response(s) will require a signed and stamped declaration from your GP. If in doubt – please speak to us first.

      • Note: We require you to return these documents ahead of the pool session. Without them we cannot take you into the pool session/s.

    • When we have received the completed documents we will then send you a code for the course with instructions on redeeming the code through your account in SDI.

    • You then start the course theory and work through it at your own pace to complete in time for the revision session.

  • The system will advise me when the course is completed, at which I make contact to confirm the Zoom session – approximately 2 hours - to review the theory.

  • At that session, we confirm the pool sessions dates (2) in accordance with the planned course date as  laid out on the website at


All being well at the completion of the Confined Water Skills sessions, we will furnish you with the required Referral Documents to take to the centre you have chosen abroad.


When you have completed the dives and returned home, bring the completed Open Water dives documentation to us and we will formally process your certification.


In summary - the programme consists of:

  • Sign up for the course and register with SDI.

  • Submitting the required documents prior to the pool session.

  • Completing theory e-Learning & subsequent Zoom revision session.

  • Attend two pool sessions to complete underwater skills. Referral papers.

  • On return from holiday, submit final paperwork to Cardiff Scuba for processing.


Cardiff Scuba – Open Water Referral from Abroad

For some customers, it hasn’t been possible to complete their Open Water course while still at their resort abroad.

When this situation occurs, it is possible to complete your, course here in the UK.

The process for booking into this type of Booking is:

  • After making contact with Cardiff Scuba, submit the required referral paper to Cardiff Scuba for verification.

  • A theory revision and underwater skills revision will be required.

    • Theory by Zoom

    • Underwater skills revision at a pool session.

  • Dates will be agreed to complete the theory and pool session.

  • Dates will be agreed to complete the remaining Open Water dives.

  • On successful completion the theory, pool and Open Water dives, certification will be processed.

Students seeking to complete their certification following this method, are asked to consider the conditions at any one time of year in the UK – especially if they have started the course in a warm climate, with warm water and sunshine. Conditions in the UK are very different and can be challenging.

Points to consider:

  1. General temperature / Weather in general

  2. Water Temperature

  3. Time of year – Summer / Winter

  4. Kit differences, e.g., Possibly having to use a Dry Suit

  5. Restricted water locations, e.g., Inland Water facilities

  6. Travel requirements.

We will, of course, discuss these with you when you make your initial enquiry.

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