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  TWINSET Try - Dives - Pool based

Due to the success of these sessions we are extending availability.

The experience is only open to those who are already certified divers. Certification confirmation will be required.
The session will cost £35.00 per person. This includes entry to the pool, use of the twinset kit and instruction.
                                      Call us on 029 2061 5161.  


 Red Sea Liveaboard

2nd September 2019

We have access to 16 places on a Southern Red Sea Liveaboard on board Blue OTwo flagship 'Horizon'. Dive sites will include Daedalus and St Johns.

8 places already pencilled as reserved.

If interested - please call Rob on 2029 2061 5161 





New for 2019

Openwater Diver Course over 2 full weekends

Responding to requests from our customers, we are now offering the Openwater Course - both SDI & PADI over a 2 weekend period.

For those who cannot commit to the evening courses we currently offer then this is a welcome addition to our schedule, to suit the time you have available to learn to Scuba Dive.

1st Weekend

1st Saturday - theory will be at Cardiff cuba Shop - mostly 9am - 3pm

1st Sunday - Underwater skills at the Cardiff International pool - times of the sessions will vary - usually a morning session or an afternoon session.

2nd Weekend

The 4 Openwater dives will be held over the Saturday and Sunday at the National Diving & Activity Centre in Chepstow. 

Please visit our calendar page for more informaion on dates, costs and availability.

We look forward to hearing from you on 029 2061 5161




Cardiff Scuba – Apeks/Aqualung Kit Servicing

As of January 2018 we are a fully accredited Apeks/Aqualung Technical Diving and Service Centre. As such we now offer a full Apeks/Aqualung Regulator servicing programme.

Additionally, we can source any general dive kit supplied by Apeks/Aqualung as well as a wide range of kit specifically used for Technical Diving.

Our planned turnaround time for regulator servicing is 3-5 working days. However, there may be occasions where, due to a heavy workload, Bank Holidays, Annual Leave, etc., this could be longer (we will advise you at the time of receiving your equipment).

The Manufacturers advice is that Apeks/Aqualung Regulators should be fully serviced on a 2 yearly basis – or – when they have been exposed to 300 dives – whichever is the earliest. However, depending on the care taken with regulators following use, it maybe that they will require a full service earlier than the time specified. On that basis it is advised that you should have them ‘Health-checked’ after 12 months – or if you feel there is an issue.

 As part of the Full Regulator Service we will:

  • Do a full pre-strip Diagnostic inspection and advise you of any unexpected fault/s that we find (Wear & Tear, Leaks, etc)
  • Ultrasonic clean all relevant components, service and then re-assemble the set
  • Strip and clean any gauge console/s, checking swivel pins and hoses. If during our initial inspection of your equipment we find a fault - we will contact you in advance and advise of any parts that need to be replaced. Items such as hoses, swivel pins and mouthpieces will incur an additional charge and so we need your authorisation to proceed and so avoid any unexpected charges.
  • All equipment is then fully reassembled and tested to the manufacturer’s specification before being “tank tested” to check for any leaks.

 Annual Health Check

As a service to our customers we offer an annual health check on your regulators. (The 12 month initial FREE health check will apply to customers who have purchased a new set of Apeks/Aqualung regulators from Cardiff Scuba since 1st January 2018).

This means that we will:

  •  Inspect the set for general condition
  • Leak test the set
  • Inter-stage pressure test and reset where indicated
  • Cracking pressure test
  • Identify and notify you of any items that need to be replaced with your authorisation

Automated Service reminders will be sent to you via email so you will never miss a Health check or Full Service.

For any other information or any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us on 029 2061 5161




Technical Diving

During the past few years there has been an explosion in interest in the field of technical diving. Have you ever wondered why people jump into the water with so much complicated looking dive kit? Why they do it? Where are they going? How do they manage it?

 Well wonder no longer!!!

We now have our full Technical calendar for 2018 available so visit our Cardiff Scuba Technical information page on the link page above or call 029 2061 5161 and prepare to take the next step in your continued Scuba experience. 

We are pleased to offer TDI courses from Intro to Tech which is invaluable for those just starting in Technical Diving to Advanced Nitrox & Decompression procedures.

Package deals will be available.

Call 029 2061 5161 and speak to Simon our Technical Instructor



WELCOME to the website of Cardiff Scuba, South Wales' leading 5* Dive Centre offering training with both Scuba Divers International (SDI) Technical Divers International and PADI

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