SDI Drysuit Diver

Some people may choose never to dive in cooler waters, thinking that it cannot possibly be any fun. Wrong! It is not diving in cold water that is no fun, but being cold... and there is a big difference! To dive comfortably in such waters, you need to ensure that you are using the correct exposure suit. Drysuits are the perfect choice for this type of environment.

Why SDI Drysuit Diver?

Some of the worlds most spectacular and challenging dives can be found in the cooler, more temperate waters of the world - fascinating wrecks, abundant marine life and some amazing underwater landscapes! The SDI Drysuit Speciality is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to safely explore these cooler waters.

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How do I book myself on a course?

To book yourself on a course please select one of the courses above, send us a message, and we will get back to you to discuss further details.

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What do I need to start?

SDI Drysuit Speciality Manual

What will I do?

Topics covered in this speciality course include: drysuit construction, undersuits, diving techniques, safety and emergencies, maintanance ad repair.


These topics are covered during the course.

How long will it take?

The theory componant will be held at the NDAC prior to the OW practice. The dives will take place after the practice session.

What previous experience do I need?

To enrol on the SDI Drysuit Speciality, you must be at least 12 years of age and hold an (Junior) Open Water Certificate, or equivalent from another training agency.

What do the fees include?

All professional tuition All equipment required for the course (except Dry Suit - See below) All Pool/confined water costs Course Manual All airfills required for course Insurance costs while on the course All registration fees with SDI upon completion.

What don't fees include?

Entry fee to dive site used for the Open Water dives Costs of transportation to and from dive sites Any personal costs (eg. food, drink, accommodation) Dry Suit Hire - £35 (unless you have your own)

What can I do once I'm qualified?

The Drysuit course will open up your diving opportunites. You will now be able to dive in colder climates, and increase the length of your diving season in this country. This Specialty certification also counts as one of four Specialty certifications required for your SDI Master Diver certification