PADI Go Pro Divemaster

This is the course for those who want to take their Dive Knowledge and Skills to a new level. The course is also a pre-requirement for those wishing to progress onto Assistant Instructor and then Instructor.

Why PADI Go Pro Divemaster?

The course prepares you to take on new responsibilities and to challenge and develop your current knowledge and skills. It is a demanding and rewarding course that requires commitment and a general desire to raise your profile in the world of Scuba Diving. It is also a developmental course where individuals will complete according to the time they can give to the course.

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Course Comments...

Below are comments from previous customers who have taken this course. If you have taken this course with us within the past six months please feel free to post your comments.

"Hello everyone - just to say a very big thank you to Rob, Mark, Julia, Simon and all the support divers who have helped me through my long & very worthwhile Divemaster Course.

Also to all the students who had to put up with me - a very big thank you.

I started this course back in late November 2011 it seems like a long 10months. However, what you go through and learn is incredible. Anyone thinking of doing this course must do it with Cardiff Scuba. You learn from the best on how to be the best and the staff are very helpful and make sure you gain the experience you need.

Once again a very big thank you to everyone - from Paul Wilkins."

From Paul Wilkins, course taken August 2012

"Hello everyone

I first enrolled onto a divemaster course for at the time I thought for one particular reason - my daughter CHLOE - who most of you know started diving at 12 years of age.

I wanted to have the experience and confidence to know myself that if an unlikely incident or problems happened then I would be able to deal with them safely and yes I was right. There are also other uncountable reasons why you would become a Divemaster.

The Divemaster course is something you cannot take lightly and the experience you gain as you train as a trainee divemaster, as you assist on school dives and being involved with the teaching side of diving shows you what is really required of you as a Divemaster.By doing other Specialty courses, this also helps your confidence and experience and believe me I have done a few.

The Divemaster qualification in itself is very rewarding, and, when you hear those words, 'Congratulations Mr Seabourne - welcome to PADI as a Divemaster - believe me you then realise why you have been training for this day and why.

Where else in the world, can you get the chance to get up EARLY Saturday and Sunday and JUMP into a QUARRY of COLD water with all your gear on. Well I think personally that this is what makes us different to the rest.

I would like to thank ROB, IAN, MARK and the other support staff at Cardiff Scuba for all their help. Also the A.I.'S, Rescue divers , Advanced open water divers , and Open water divers who I have been privileged to dive with.

My BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to ROB because without his belief in me and his determination and patience - WHO Knows what would have happened!! You know where I am coming from Rob.

I would also like to mention that anyone thinking of enrolling onto a Divemaster Course with Cardiff Scuba - go for it!!! l tell you now that its not going to be easy at times hard, but it is fun and most of all VERY REWARDING because ROB believes in not just developing and supporting Divemasters but CREATING THE BEST Divemasters and believe me there is a HUGE difference.

I thank you again Rob and look forward to diving with you and team soon.
Best regards to you and the future of Cardiff Scuba.

Dai Seabourne D.M.

From David Seabourne, course taken September 2011

"I have just completed my Divemaster course and wanted to post a few dedications. From my opinion PADI 5 star centre is not nearly enough stars to describe this school.

Rob & Ian I have to say have been fantastic from day one, helpful and informative and nothing but encouraging as well as Majid, David and Liam the other instructors.Safety is their major focus as well as having fun and they do this on all the courses with spades.

The DM's Andy, Gary and Tony, the TDM's who I have worked with over the past 6 months, Marc, Mark, Matt, and Chris and all the Rescue divers who have assisted out of their own time I want to say a big thank you, your a great bunch of lads who work hard and have a great sense of humour and I wouldn't have done it without your support.

(It's like winning an oscar this innit).

Also to all the students on all the courses, we seem to have our fair share of characters and I have enjoyed every moment on the courses I have helped with.

My final thank you goes to Rob. He has helped me reach my goals from day one with outstanding support, friendship and unswerving standards, a good maxim would be "if it was easy we would all have the qualification".

It is something that has to be worked at but worth every effort once acheived.

Onwards and upwards (@ 18m a minute max, laffin)."

From Mark Culwick, course taken January 2008

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What will I do?

Here at Cardiff Scuba, we pride ourself on the quality of training we offer. With this in mind, we run Divemaster Courses that in many areas don\'t simply meet the required standards, but exceed them. We aim to leave candidates not just with the required skills and knowledge, but with a sound understanding of the dive industry and an interactive experience of the day-to-day running of the dive centre. The aim is to provide a basis for an actvie role in the diving world. The theory sessions on the course will cover all of the following : Diving physics Diving physiology Diving skills and environment Supervising students in training Supervising certified divers Divemaster conducted programs Decompression theory and dive planning Diving Equipment Emergency planning In addition to this, there are required swim tests, rescue assesments, mapping exercises, skill demonstrations, emergency evacuation plans and stress tests.... The other component of the course is the practical \'hands-on\' work. This means getting involved in actual structured training sessions that enable you to gain practical experience as an instructional assistant and a supervisor of open water diving activities, both as a coordinator and as an underwater guide.

PADI Go Pro Divemaster

How long will it take?

The scheduling for this course is very different to any other that we offer in that it is very flexible. It is by far the most involved course we offer, and you as such it can be quite demanding in terms of the time commitment needed. As a result, the course can be conducted at your own pace and can be as long or short as you wish. This is something we can discuss in more detail at the start of the course.

What previous experience do I need?

You must have completed your Advanced Open Water Course and Rescue Diver Course (or equivalent) prior to enrolling on the Divemaster Course. You must have at least 20 logged dives at the start of the course and 60 upon completion.

What do the fees include?

All professional instruction All airfills required for course. All DM students will be entitled to a 10% discount on any items purchased from Cardiff Scuba (except courses)
PADI Go Pro Divemaster

What don't fees include?

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Divemaster Crewpack Diving Knowledge Workbook RDP - Wheel Version Divemaster Slates

What can I do once I'm qualified?

- Work at dive centers worldwide - Assist PADI Instructors with students - Lead PADI Scuba Divers on guided dive tours - Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers (snorkelling) - Teach PADI Discover Snorkeling programs - Conduct PADI Scuba Review programs for certified divers (refresher course) - Lead certified divers on Discover Local Diving experiences - Teach Emergency First Response programs - Run Discover Scuba sessions (after completing DSD Leader) Having taken this first step in leadership education, you are also likely to be thinking about progressing on to an Assistant Instructor Course (AI) or even the Open Water Scuba Instructor Course (OWSI).