Kit Servicing Price List

Below is a price list for the servicing of various pieces if equipment. If there is a piece of equipment that you would like servicing that is not on this list then please contact us and will try our best to arrange this for you.


Item Normal Price
Regulator Health Check £38.00
Service 1st & 2nd Stage £30.00
Service Octopus £20.00
O2 clean regulator (1st & 2nd Stage) £25.00

Regulator service costs listed above are for labour only. In addition to this there will also be the cost of parts/service kits. These vary from one manufacturer to the next. The usual full cost (inc. parts) of a regulator service will be between £60 and £70. If any work and/or parts are required that are outside the standard service cost we will inform you prior to carrying out any work. For regulator Health Checks Only - this will include a general appraisal of the set. Should anything be found to be faulty then you will be contacted for authorisation to proceed and to advise you of the additional cost.


Item Normal Price
Visual Inspection £30.00
Twinset O2 Clean (Inc. valves & manifold) £45.00
Twinset Strip & Rebuild £40.00
Hydrostatic Test £40.00
Cylinder O2 clean (inc. Valve) £22.00

All costs listed above are for labour only. If any parts are required they will be charged in addition. Shotblasting, Re-Spray's etc are also incurr extra costs.


Item Normal Price
Zip Replacement - Membrane Rear Entry Only - Supply and fit £175.00
P-Valve - Fitting Only £35.00
Zip Replacement - Neoprene/Membrane Front Entry - Sent to Supplier Workshop £P.O.A.
Zip - Fly - Supply and Fitting £90.00
Remove Valve(S) and close Hole(s) - Each £30.00
Inflation / Dump Valve Service - Each £8.50
Pressure / Leak Test £18.00
Overnight Urgent/Emergency Repair Charge £35.00
Leak Repair/Fix - Each £8.00
Latex Sock/Boot Replacement - Each £30.00
Dry Suit Neoprene Neck Seal Alteration/Reduction £30.00
Boot Replacement Neoprene or Membrane Suit £95.00
Latex Neck Seal Replacement £46.00
Braces - Supplied and fitted £35.00
Cargo Pocket(s) Supplied and fitted (Each) £35.00
Dry Suit - Full Service £45.00
Re-glue Zip £55.00
Latex Ankle Seal Replacement - (Each) £25.00
Latex Wrist Seal Replacement - Each £25.00
Neoprene Neck Seal Replacement (M-T-M) £70.00
Neoprene Wrist Seal Replacement - Each £30.00

Costs listed above include both parts and labour. There are sometimes some variations in these depending on type /make of suit. If this is the case, we would inform you of this proir to the work being started.


Item Normal Price
All Suunto Models - Full Service £97.50
Battery Change All Suunto D Series (Inc. pressure test) £47.50
Battery Change Transmitter/EON Tank Pod £40.00
Battery Change Stinger/Spyder (Inc. pressure test) £50.00
Battery Change Mosquito (Inc. pressure test) £40.00
Battery Change Favor/Favour Air/Old EON (Inc. pressure test) £45.00
Battery Change Vyper/Cobra/Gekko/Zoop (Inc. pressure test) £40.00

All makes of Suunto computers can be serviced and/or have battery changes. Costs vary depending on the model. Costs listed here are for Suunto Computer battery changes and/or servicing. If any computer brought to us needs to be sent away there will be a £20.00 return postage & packing fee (all items will be sent by Courier). PLEASE NOTE: All computers are tested prior to completion to ensure their functionality and performance. Where applicable, a depth pressure test will be completed. It is HIGHLY recommended that all computers are used by our customers as soon as possible after collection and certainly within 5 days from our completion date. ANY item found to be faulty during this 5 day period should be returned to the shop for attention. Cardiff Scuba will accept no liability outside the 5 day period. Responsibility will lie with the owner of any such item.


Item Normal Price
BCD Service Only - Service Pack extra £25.00

Prices listed are for labour only. It does not include the cost of any parts required. Postage costs will also be extra if the item needs to be sent to relevant manufacturer.