Meet the Team

The Boss Rob

- SDI Course Director 

- PADI Master Instructor

- Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer

- Emergency First Response Instructor

- SDI CProx1st AED Instructor


Rob is the Owner of Cardiff Scuba. He is a Master Instructor with vast recreational experience. He leads a team of very experienced Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Divemasters.

Known for his attention to safety and detail, Rob is passionate about supporting new divers and his drive and enthusiasm always shines through.

He teaches across a wide range of Recreational courses, from 'Try-dives' to Assistant Instructor.

Rob has a special interest in teaching the Emergency First Response Course. With his background in healthcare he gives a lot of added value to this course.

'There is no bigger joy than seeing the expression on the face of a new student when they have just completed their first ever diving course. If we lose sight of the 'new' divers then it doesn't bode well for the future of diving. Too many instructors forget their roots and how it all started for them'. 


Julia Kennedy

- PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

- SDI Recreational Instructor 

- EFR Instructor



 Details to follow


John Lock - Openwater Scuba Instructor

John Lock 

John is the charmer of the group. Quiet and methodical he mixes easily with everyone and never fails to deliver!! Supporting Cardiff Scuba since 2008, he has helped develop the school and dives with us whenever time allows.

Nigel Farmer / Divemaster

 Nigel Farmer DM

Nigel has been diving with Cardiff Scuba for many years. He is a laid back dude who has great patience with students. Always eager to go the extra mile and usually with a smile on his face and joke to lift peoples spirits. Nigel is an integral part of the school team, attending as often as his busy professinal life allows.


Paul Wilkins / Divemaster


Paul started diving with Cardiff Scuba in 2009. He has been a very active member of the team throughout spending many hours supporting the school. He gained his Divemaster Certification in 2012 and remain a very active member of the team.

'Being a laid back kind of guy I find it easy to get on with nearly everyone. Being with the team in Cardiff Scuba sets challenges that allow me to use my skills in the school setting. Working with the students is fabulous especially with support that the Instructors give to everyone. Best days and happy times all round'. Getting into a bit of technical now and extending my skills and knowledge even further.


Gareth Hedges / Divemaster

 Gareth Hedges 

Gareth has been diving with Cardiff Scuba since 2010. He has progressed through a number of courses to extend his knowledge and skills leading to his sucessful completion of his Divemaster Course in March 2016.

'I am passionate about Scuba Diving and to be able now to function as a Divemaster, supporting our Instructors and inter-acting with students is a real privilege. I am also developing my skills in technical diving and loving every minute of it.


David Brown / Divemaster

 David Brown

David has been with Cardiff Scuba since 2013. During this time he has progressed from Openwater Diver through to Divemaster. He has a keen sense of organisation and introduced the Cardiff Scuba BLUE HAT award for our team. He has worn it several times himself but not always for the right reasons!!!

I' learned to dive with Cardiff Scuba a few years ago so that I could do a bit of diving on holiday.

What started as a bit of fun has become a serious hobby for me, in no small way due to the great learning experience at Cardiff Scuba. Now, qualified as a divemaster, and a member of a great team, it’s very rewarding and a lot of fun to support divers of all abilities as they progress through their own personal diving ‘career’.

Recently I have taken a step into the world of technical diving. I love the challenge of learning these new skills as ultimately it contributes to making for a versatile, skilled and above all, a safe diver.


Jack MacLachlan - Divemaster 

 Jack MacLachlan 

Jack is one of our newest recruits having joined us to progress his Scuba knowledge & skills. He admits(!) to a forensic attention to detail and has quickly become an itegral part of the teaching team at Cardiff Scuba.

'I became a PADI Open Water Diver while on holiday in Egypt in October 2012, then I met Rob and the team and learned to dive properly the Cardiff Scuba way.

I am now a Dive Master and have progressively become more committed to diving as a hobby, which my wife Jean would probably describe as a passion, verging on an obsession.  There is a special team atmosphere in Cardiff Scuba, a willingness to support each other and help students new to diving to enjoy the experience in the same way we all do.  Recently I have started to work more with our students which has further enhanced the enjoyment I have for the sport as well as developing teaching and coaching skills.

The next phase of my diving will be a trip into the dark side - Tec Diving - diving is a continuously learning journey!  If you ever want to catch my attention I am known in the team as Prudence'


Sophie Morris / Divemaster

 Sophie Morris DM 

Sophie has been diving with Cardiff Scuba for 4 years. She is an enthusiastic and committed member of the team and is always smiling and welcoming to students. Sophie has a wry sense of humour and always works hard to give everyone a really great scuba experience.

'Having completed my Rescue Diver course with Cardiff Scuba in 2011, I continued my diving with the team to progress as Divemaster. I have continued to assist 100's of open water students as well as advanced open water students with Cardiff Scuba because of the professionalism, fun atmosphere and great team spirit.

I have also been on so many great trips to Egypt and now training as a technical diver to dive at Scapa Flow next year with the Cardiff Scuba team'.


Glenn Row / Divemaster 

Glen Row DM

Glenn has been a part of Cardiff Scuba for 5 years. Glenn has a great affinity with students and somwhow always manages to smile in the face of adversity!!! Busy in his own right, Glenn always finds time to support the school.

Hi, I love my diving! Fishes are my favourites!  Outside of diving I enjoy acting and my carpentry business and my best friend Millie!