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It is widely recognised that the limits of recreational diving are no-decompression dives up to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Many of us will be happy to stay within these, while others may want to venture further. Broadly speaking, to go deeper or to stay longer takes you into the realm of technical diving.  Cardiff Scuba is proud to offer a range of technical courses offered by the training agency Technical Diving International (TDI) 
TDI was formed in 1994 by a group of the sports most experienced divers to bring its more advanced applications to a wider audience. Since then it has grown to become the worlds largest technical diving instruction agency. It now boasts over 5000 active instructors worldwide, and has regional offices in 32 countries.  As one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers, TDI is seen as an innovator of new diving techniques and programs which previously were not available to the general public. TDI's professionals are held to the highest standard to ensure quality training throughout the world. This means that as a diver taking a TDI course, your instructor will have documented his experience and knowledge prior to achieving that rating. As an instructor candidate taking a TDI course, your TDI instructor trainer will have gone through the paces to achieve the highest level of training that TDI offers

TDI Courses We Offer: