Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

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Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"After recently completing my Mod1 Rebreather course I thought I'd give you my thoughts.

My instructor for the course was Ian Mills, a guy I have known and whose opinion I have respected for some time. His knowledge concerning this topic appears all encompassing, something that I found to be very reassuring bearing in mind that, even as an instructor, I am stepping into the unknown again as a novice. His attention to detail and safety leaves nothing to chance, as it should be when electronics and water are interacting.

With regard to the course itself. The theory I found to be a mixture of basic diving practise and common sense, coupled with various new and interesting concepts that begin to lead you down the rebreather road. Underwater it is a very different feeling in terms of buoyancy and overall control, something that needs a lot of patience and a load of self restraint in terms of being self critical. Although the various gauges, handsets, stages, hoses etc etc make for a far more complicated method of diving, it is also extremely satisfying when you realise that you are able to achieve what you want with this unit. There are a whole load of new skills to learn that are rebreather dedicated and that will test your nerve and patience.

Overall I would say that if you enjoy a challenge and the thought of being tested, Ian will test you, then this is definitely for you. However, in my opinion, before trying this you need to have a real grasp of general diving practise and get many hours under your belt on a regular set up and have experience of different diving situations. This would not only be invaluable underwater but also on the theory side.

I must also say a big thank you to a good friend, Mark, for his constant support and encouragement, also for acting as my safety, (cameraman), in the water.

thanks both"

From John Lock - TDI Rebreather Air Diluent (No DECO - 30mtrs), course taken April 2014