Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"My 15 year old son has just completed his PADI Advanced Open Water course with Cardiff Scuba following on from his Open Water 2 years ago.

As a non diving Mum I was wary of him wanting to learn to dive however from the first meeting with Rob at the "Try a dive" pool session all my anxieties disappeared. Rob and all the instructors that have been involved in the two courses have been meticulous with their teaching and the actual diving whether at the pool or at the NDAC.

The ratio of instructors to students is excellent. The course is delivered in a relaxed and fun way by all the team whilst the emphasis is on safety.

Thank you Rob and team - Oscar will be back for more diving at Cardiff Scuba!!"

From Siân Harrison - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken July 2019

"Completed Advanced Open Water with Cardiff Scuba this weekend.

Course was well structured, which meant that each dive of the course was adding skill to the previous dive. Plus it was great fun!

Safety was such an obvious priority. Student to Instructor/Divemaster ratio was great - two - Instructor and Divemaster - to each student.

Many thanks to Rob, Brennig, Andrew and James for a great weekend.


From Ian Hanson - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken July 2019

"Recently completed my Advanced Open Water course with Cardiff Scuba. Simon was instructing and was very well supported by the team.

The whole team made me feel very much at ease during the course.

Looking forward to using my new skills in the coming months and who knows, maybe another course next year."

From Gary Smith - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2019

"A massive thank you to Instructor Simon Kirkham-Jones, ably assisted by the support team of Lauren and James for guiding me to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

The training and advice was given in a clear and relatable way not only on course topics but all manner of useful dive information was simply- Priceless.

I look forward to arranging further courses from Cardiff Scuba and extend my knowledge and experience in this fascinating activity.

From Paul Bricknell - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2019

"I'd like to thank Simon and Cardiff Scuba for the training I received on the PADI Advanced Openwater course.

I look forward to using the skills I've learned. Wicked few days! Can't wait to book the next course. Thanks guys. "

From David Mc Guire - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken February 2019

"I did the advanced open water course. Rob is a fab (good looking) instructor.

His knowledge is impeccable and he is extremely passionate about delivering the best training possible.

He goes through everything clearly and made me comfortable before the dive and always safe in the water. The course is an excellent addition to the open water course and really helps builds your knowledge and skills. "

From James Troughton - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken December 2018

"An exhilarating weekend spent with really great instructors, who were both supportive and extremely professional.

Thank you Rob & Simon (& James too).

Hope to see you again to continue to improve our skills and knowledge.

John & Jules"

From John & Jules - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken December 2018

"I would thoroughly recommend this course, I took it after a long break from diving.

The instructor to student ratio was really good on both days. Good classroom training and discussions followed by well controlled & safe dives.

Learned a lot from the course, instructors were friendly and helpful and when I take my next dive course it will be with Cardiff Scuba. "

From Chris Lloyd - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Would like to thank Rob, Simon and the team for the continuation of my courses from Openwater to Advanced Openwater diver.

Really enjoyed the weekend I’ve learned new skills and built up my confidence levels . If you are thinking of doing a try dive or a course I can recommend Cardiff Scuba very approachable and professional "

From Will Davies - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Just finished a great weekend increasing my dive knowledge, experience and confidence with Cardiff SCUBA.

These guys have an organised and professional but approachable and fun teaching culture, which has given me a big leap in my SCUBA skills and knowledge.

Thanks again Rob, Simon and the team and look forward to seeing you all soon! "

From James - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Great weekend of the 11/12 Nov at the NDAC with Rob and his team from Cardiff Scuba.
Having completed Open Water abroad, I felt it right to continue my diving education in the UK to appreciate the differences.

I am glad we chose Cardiff Scuba. With a wealth of experience and expert instruction, Rob, Simon and Mike definitely challenged us, brushing up old skills and teaching new ones. I am definately better for it.

Excellent rapport, constructive feedback and bags of patience, I would recommend to anyone.

Looking forward to continuing my progression with Cardiff Scuba. See you again soon guys."

From Rhyan Roberts - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken November 2017

"With Cardiff Scuba, I felt I got everything and gained a lot of experience.

The staff's knowledge is second to none. Helped me a lot through my dives and making me wanting to progress further and expand my skills.

Can't wait to dive again soon and do future courses with them."

From Joshua Cook - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2017

"Brilliant weekend at NDAC Chepstow this weekend. Couldn't ask for better instruction or a better team.

After a long 5 year break I came back to Cardiff scuba because of the 1st class instruction I received on my open water course and progressing onto the advanced open water course after a dive abroad was a no brainer.

A fantistic weekend with a lot ... and I mean a lot of learning which I will be definitely taking with me onto all the other courses I will be partaking in.

Thanks to the team at Cardiff scuba and I promise I will work on my tremendously bad kicking ability under the water. "

From Jordan Williams - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2017

"After completing the PADI open water course, it was a no brainer to return to carry out the Advanced Openwater course with Rob & Cardiff Scuba team.

It is a two day add on, to your open water course which takes place down the National Diving Centre, Chepstow. As was with the Openwater course, the Advanced was again brilliant craic but very serious when needed.

Rob and Simon really push your skills on this course and offer very constructive criticism to improve your skills.

Another happy customer. Thanks lads! See you soon!! "

From Stuart Ball - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2017


Done my Open Water followed by AOW with Cardiff Scuba. What an excellent training experience and in a friendly, totally relaxed environment.

The courses really brought home to me how little I actually knew! I now feel properly trained and very confident that I can dive at this level.

Big shout out to Simon who has the patience of a saint and to Rob for getting me the course at extremely short notice.

Looking forward to more in new year "

From Rick Spence - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken November 2016

"I would like to say a big thank you to Rob, Jack, Mike and the rest of the team for helping me to complete my Advanced Open Water Diver.
The theory was really informative and any queries were discussed so we could understand it better.
The navigation with the compass took at bit of getting used to. I definitely think they need to develop a sat nav for underwater!!
The dives were all really good and it was nice to see areas where we couldn't go to before.
I look forward to trying out all the new skills I have learnt and taking my training further.
Thank you all for a really enjoyable weekend of diving and I look forward to many more."

From Lisa Richardson - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken October 2016

"I've just completed my Advanced Open Water course, and what a fantastic course it was.

I did the Open Water in June, and Rob, Simon, Jack, Eloise, Mike and a host of others have ensured that I have been able to progress steadily up to this point of being an Advanced Openwater diver!

The course extended my knowledge, honed my skills and gave me the opportunity to see some of NDACs deeper attractions.

I can't recommend the guys (and girls) at Cardiff scuba enough. The training is second to none.

It is complete, relaxed and thorough at the same time as being really good fun. Especially the banter. Not long now until the Nitrox course! See you soon ;-) "

From Neil Richardson - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken October 2016

"Couldn't find the right date (30th / 31st July)

Rob and Simon led an excellent course.

It's great to refresh and build on OW skills without feeling judged for forgetting things.

Having a high ratio of instructors and experienced divers to trainees put the mind at easy particularly in the cold waters of NDAC where reaction times are slower than normal and sunken objects are not where you think they should be.

The training standards are head and shoulders above what I've seen elsewhere and as with OW I'm pleased I trained with Cardiff Scuba."

From Mark Cowley - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2016

"What an amazing experience!

The day began at 27.7 meters in the back of a jet! Where else can you get that experience!

I did the course to prepare myself for an upcoming holiday to Tenerife. I Highly recommend this course with Cardiff scuba.

Many thanks to Simon, what a fab instructor! "

From Hayley Cross - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2016

"Started diving back in November 2015 while in Australia. Wanted to continue and improve my diving back in the UK.

Rob and his team are really good, the level of constructive feedback and training was far superior to what I had from my Open water course, could also see this level of training was much superior compared to other training providers operating on the same dive site for the weekend.

Highly recommend the Advanced Openwater course but more so to do it with Cardiff Scuba.

Will continue training and diving with Cardiff Scuba.

Many thanks


From Michael Perry - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken March 2016

"I had an awesome weekend with Rob, Mark, Gareth, Simon, Jack, Roberto and the rest of the team. I learnt a great deal and enjoyed every minute of it.

There were at least two instructors per student, so the feedback was very detailed and helpful; I know exactly what to practice on my next dives.

I really enjoyed the deep and wreck dives and intend to do both full courses with Cardiff Scuba soon.

From Joshua Scriven - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken January 2016

"I highly recommend Rob Sutherland and his team.

I was very impressed by the amount of support everyone on the course had, and the individual feedback that was given throughout was invaluable for my learning.

They also made it a lot of fun - altogether a great experience. "

From Eleanor - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken August 2015

"After a break of some years, I did the Advanced Open Water course last weekend, partly to learn more and partly as a refresher.

The course was excellent. I was impressed by the attention to detail and the strong focus on safety from Rob Sutherland and his capable and helpful team. It was both serious and fun! Course members were well supported at all times.

The programme was well designed and run in a way to maximise what you learned from it. "

From Tim Morrison - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken August 2015

"Just completed the Advanced open water with Cardiff Scuba.

I was hugely impressed with the attention to detail and standards. The continued support and encouragement, often disguised as gentle! banter made the weekend hugely enjoyable, but above all I would like to congratulate Rob and the all the teams total professionalism and attention to our safety, special thanks to Eloise for encouraging me to relax on the last dive.

Rob, you can empty my wallet any time! Dave Carr"

From Dave Carr - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken August 2015

"Just completed the course. I just have to say Rob and his team made the course so enjoyable, fun and above all made all of us feel safe.

The organisation and attention to detail was excellent and he and his team guided me through the course brilliantly.

All of the support divers, constantly encouraged and advised us making us feel safe and part of the group.

Look forward to continuing my diver learning journey with Cardiff Scuba, Des


From Des Boucher - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken August 2015

"Hey Rob could not find the OW course to comment on.

However, for the record I really really enjoyed learning with you and your team.

Friendly, calm and professional - I am glad Sam recommended you guys. Loved the easy going style backed up by a no nonsense approach to safety.

I look forward to diving with you again. Rob top bloke! K x "

From Keith Amps - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2015

"Many Thanks to Rob and all his instructors for their time and making the junior advanced Open water course fun, enjoyable and educational for me.
I really recommend Cardiff Scuba for all your diving!"

From Tom Osborne - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken July 2014

"Always good fun to do a course with Rob at Cardiff Scuba! He ensures you're confident with the theory side of diving.

I did the dry suit course at the same time and found the pool experience very strange initially but left feeling confident about facing the cold waters of the quarry.

Five enjoyable dives at the weekend: deep, wreck and navigation were the most fun. Never thought I'd enjoy being suspended upside down in the water!"

From Chris Richards - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken April 2014

"After learning to dive on a holiday, I decided to complete my Advanced Open Water with Cardiff Scuba.

Rob and his team were knowledgeable, professional, and very safety concious which makes you feel safe and comfortable throughout.

I really enjoyed the course - it was a great introduction to some of the specialities and I learnt a great deal.

Would highly recommend Cardiff Scuba - they were fantastic.

I will be returning to take more courses in 2014!

Thanks again"

From Alexandra Phillips - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken November 2013

"Just completed the AOW, great course as always and great fun. Thanks Rob and the team, don't miss me too much but will keep in touch!!!!


From Adam - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken November 2013