Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"Thank you so much to Rob for making the course so enjoyable, his passion for what he's teaching is so encouraging and makes the whole course so fun and engaging.

It's a great experience made even better by the team who make you feel so at ease the entire way through the process - even when you have to get into freezing cold water at 9 in the morning!

I won't hesitate to get in contact if I want to pursue any further dive courses, even if it does mean I have to pay my outstanding chocolate fines, thank you again!"

From Alex Fraser - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"The course was very well set out and organised by Cardiff scuba. Rob was an excellent instructor making sure we were safe at all times and he helped us understand key skills to diving, as well as making it a fun and enjoyable experience at the same time."

From Jeremy Grout - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"Such an amazing experience, especially the quarry dives to finalise training, even if it was rather cold! Training was made fun by Rob and the team. Thank you to everyone for making it such an enjoyable experience."

From Katie Jones - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken December 2018

"The best staff, they were really helpful, gave a lot of encouragement and made me feel safe! I learnt a lot whilst having fun. Would definitely come back to do other courses. "

From Margareth Necesito - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken December 2018

"I have met a really kind and helpful team of divers, had a lot of fun and gained a lifetime experience. This was not the last course I did with them, that is for sure. :)
Thank you for everything! "

From Zsofia Toth - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken October 2018

"It is so great to see people as passionate and experienced as Rob and his team. It made this course so enjoyable.
I am grateful for the help I've received with any problems I had during the dive, it certainly made me feel safer and more relaxed.
I would recommend this course to everyone considering it as it makes your first diving experience comfortable with lots of fun :)

From Marta Kot - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"Great Course. Great Team.
Sign up, be scared and have fun. I did. "

From Lewis Ford - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"I did the advanced open water course. Rob is a fab (good looking) instructor.

His knowledge is impeccable and he is extremely passionate about delivering the best training possible.

He goes through everything clearly and made me comfortable before the dive and always safe in the water. The course is an excellent addition to the open water course and really helps builds your knowledge and skills. "

From James Troughton - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken December 2018

"An exhilarating weekend spent with really great instructors, who were both supportive and extremely professional.

Thank you Rob & Simon (& James too).

Hope to see you again to continue to improve our skills and knowledge.

John & Jules"

From John & Jules - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken December 2018

"I can’t thank the Cardiff Scuba team enough for investing all of their time, expertise and patience in us students throughout the course.

As a total novice, singing up to my first Scuba course was a big commitment (financially, time, effort etc...) but by the end of it I promise it will feel like an absolute bargain if you let Cardiff Scuba guide you through it.

I can’t praise the professionalism or enthusiasm of the entire team enough. Just beware of the chocolate monster! "

From Rhys Edwards - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"I like to thank Rob and the team at Cardiff Scuba for the training I received on the PADI Openwater course. I look forward to using the skills I've learned. Wicked few days! Can't wait to book the next course. Thanks guys. "

From Dave Mc Guire - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"I had an amazing time learning all the skills for an Openwater diver with the help of some very good looking instructors (especially Rob).

They make it very fun and enjoyable along the way as long, as you are willing to put in the work and time. It is totally worth it in the end though. "

From Tom Wakeling - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"I would like to say a massive thank you to the entire team at Cardiff Scuba for helping me to complete my PADI Openwater qualification. They've all gone above and beyond to accommodate me and my ears (I have suffered from ear problems all my life which make it difficult to equalise). They happily let me reschedule my dives many times due to my ears and even provided refresher pool sessions.

Their extensive knowledge on equipment means I now have the perfect mask which allows me to dive and equalise with ease. Thanks to their dedication I can actually become a marine biologist!!

THANK YOU!! :) "

From Jasmine Toole - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken October 2018

"I would thoroughly recommend this course, I took it after a long break from diving.

The instructor to student ratio was really good on both days. Good classroom training and discussions followed by well controlled & safe dives.

Learned a lot from the course, instructors were friendly and helpful and when I take my next dive course it will be with Cardiff Scuba. "

From Chris Lloyd - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Would like to thank Rob, Simon and the team for the continuation of my courses from Openwater to Advanced Openwater diver.

Really enjoyed the weekend I’ve learned new skills and built up my confidence levels . If you are thinking of doing a try dive or a course I can recommend Cardiff Scuba very approachable and professional "

From Will Davies - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Just finished a great weekend increasing my dive knowledge, experience and confidence with Cardiff SCUBA.

These guys have an organised and professional but approachable and fun teaching culture, which has given me a big leap in my SCUBA skills and knowledge.

Thanks again Rob, Simon and the team and look forward to seeing you all soon! "

From James - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken September 2018

"Just wanted to thank Rob, Mark, Simon, Julia and the rest of the team for an awesome week of training. The instruction was of very high quality and every step was delivered in a way to make the students relaxed in completing there skills. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to dive to do their training through Cardiff Scuba"

From Trev - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2018

"I had a fantastic time, as im sure we all did.
I found the instruction, the set up and the facilities second to none. The build up of trust with the equipment and instructors is also second to none.
Thoroughly love the diving and once again thanks for an amazing time. Kev "

From Kevan Blackburn - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2018

"Rob - I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say a proper very big thank you from all of us for Saturday.

You were amazing with the kids and they absolutely loved it, even Evie (once she had recovered from seeing an ‘octopus’!). They pretty much did not stop talking about it for the rest of the weekend and I am now their all time favourite family member for booking it so thanks for making me look so good ;-). I have no doubt that they will be back and in a couple of years when Euan is a bit older I think they’ll be signing onto an open water course with you!

Thank you again, it was really fantastic knowing the kids were in such safe hands with you!


From Sara Bowen - Cardiff Scuba Try-a-Dive Experience, course taken August 2018

"Fantastic course, great instruction at own pace. Nothing too much trouble and great encouragement without unnecessary pressure. Thank you very much!"

From Ellie Day - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2018

"Really enjoyed the diver course learnt so much and feel very confident with the skills I have learnt, thanks to my instructor Rob.
I liked diving in the quarry and looking at the tanks !
Can’t wait to dive again with my sister "

From Dylan Meek - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2018

"I have loved the PADI openwater divers course it was amazing.
Thank you to my instructor Rob, really helpful and made sure I knew all the skills needed to be a safe diver.
Can’t wait to dive again !!!!:)"

From Elin Meek - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2018

"Would just like to say a big thank you to Rob and his team for my first dive experience in the pool. All the team were friendly and gave expert guidance throughout the session, making the session very enjoyable. Cannot praise them enough. Thank you all again."

From Shaun Jacobs - Cardiff Scuba Try-a-Dive Experience, course taken June 2018

"Recently completed my Dry Suit course with Simon. A pool session in the week and 2 x open water dives at the NDAC Chepstow on the Saturday. Although I may have a few warm-water wetsuit dives in my logbook, this was my first venture into a drysuit.
I have to thank Simon for making the experience pleasurable and informative (above the manual content). Simon worked through the course content at a leisurely, sensible learning pace and was always reassuring.
Leading up to the course I had several pieces of equipment serviced/tested by Cardiff Scuba. Every contact has been, as it should be, but often isn't in all establishments, an easy and satisfying experience. Many thanks to all at Cardiff Scuba.

From Richard Hallaran - PADI Drysuit Diver, course taken June 2018

"Had a brilliant time completing my open water. Rob, Simon, Mark, Andrew, Gareth & Julia were great instructors. Having an array of expertise really helps you find your way and just gives you more and more hints of how to be a better diver.

Thanks for all your help, excited to get out there diving again 😊"

From Lucy James - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2018

"Great team, good skills learned, thank's guys for you time end effort, all the best!"

From Marek Szczepanski - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2018

"A very good course to take for anyone - not just divers.

I have just completed the First Responder Course, and found it more challenging than I thought it would be. However very much enjoyed it, with all the knowledge that Rob brings into it as well.

A big thanks to Rob for his time and patience with me.

From Alan Nugent - EFR Emergency First Response - Full Course, course taken May 2018

"Had a great time completing my PADI Openwater Diver course with Cardiff Scuba. The Course was well structured and enjoyable.

Its amazing all the things you learn over the two weeks of doing the course. Looking forward to continuing to grow and develop my new skill.

Massive thanks to Rob, Simon & all the team at Cardiff Scuba :)"

From Jonathan Sharrem - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2018

"I would like to say a massive thank you to Rob and all of team for getting myself and friends through PADI Openwater Course.

Initially I looked into completing the Open water abroad - however from previous reviews - decided to do it through Cardiff Scuba within the UK..

From the experience we had I highly recommend Cardiff Scuba.... not only will you have a fantastic time completing the dives you’ll have a fantastic time with team... they are extremely passionate and professional with what they do...

Myself and friends are going to continue diving with Cardiff scuba and looking forward to spending some hours under the water.... Thank you very much and see you soon... Chris "

From Christian Jones - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2018

"This is a tough course - it really is. I thought I was reasonably fit - and was left utterly exhasuted by the practical.

The course will challenge you intellectually, physically and, at times, emotionally -but that's because it's taught properly by people who want you to be the best that you can be but also want to be certain that you can respond to an emergency situation.

The thing I love about Cardiff Scuba is that they're not an organisation which just takes your cash and issues your certification. If you get your certification you can be absolutely certain you've earned it.

The team will help you every step of the way because they want you to succeed."

From Sarah Thomas-britton - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken December 2017