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 BCD Kit Hire

Here are Cardiff Scuba, we appreciate that not everyone can afford to buy themselves the full set of equipment all at the one time. Prices will vary greatly but when added together can still mount to a considerable investment!!

So as a way of supporting our customers, we are proud to offer you a full range of quality, well-maintained scuba gear for hire at very competitive rates.

If you have trained with us then you will have additional discount FOR UP TO 2 MONTHS AFTER YOUR COURSE!! This is listed in the price list as the 'SPECIAL'.

Don't let costs interfere with your diving. Come and talk to us and we will get you kitted up and on your way to your next adventure under the water!!


  • Our regulators are all Aqualung Titan LX Supreme regulators (all suitable for
     cold water), with contents and depth gauges as standard. Computers and compasses can be supplied on the instrument console if requested.  
  • We can supply either Aqualung or Tusa BCD's for hire. A full range of sizes is available with the option for integrated weight systems if requested. 
  • Drysuits are available in a full range of sizes. We hold either Azdry or Northern Diver suits, all with latex neck and wrist seals. As it is important to ensure that the suit fits well (including the seals) we do strongly recommend that you allow time to try on your drysuit when you come to collect your hire gear. A range of Northern Diver Thermalux undersuits are available for hire with the drysuits. 
  • All cylinders are steel. 15, 12 and 10 litre tanks available. 
  • Semi-dry suits are avilable in a wide range of sizes. Beaver Icelandic or Aqualung Balance Comfort suits are on offer. Both are two piece suits. 
  • A variety of masks, snorkels and fins are available. 
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