Quality and safety statement

First for Quality & Safety

 Here at Cardiff Scuba we are proud of our recrd of achievement. We offer a large range of both recreational and Technical scuba courses. For the last 11 years, PADI Internationals’ Regional Officer has confirmed our place as the leader in Wales for successful Open Water Certifications together with our follow-up courses. 2017 saw more and more of our customers returning to us to further their education and skills in diving.

Of course, it is very easy to get caught up in a numbers game and that is why we do not judge or comment on those schools that do not have the same facilities or throughput we enjoy. Percentages are a very labile benchmark on which to base achievement, as lower numbers can often present higher percentages.

Our portfolio of courses range from Entry level courses to Professional Development and Technical courses.

Our customer satisfaction is highlighted on our website by the huge number of [unedited] responses we receive. A substantial number of our customers come to us by word-of- mouth with an ever increasing and significant number of those returning to us to continue their dive education. Recently we have enjoyed taking more and more divers through their Divemaster and Assistant Instructor courses. To us, this is a testament to the high level of satisfaction to the services that we deliver and the flexibility on choice of topics and dates offered on our calendar.

On each course going to open water we have a minimum of 2 experienced instructors supported by 2 Assistant Instructors & 2 Divemasters.  Essentially this means the we have a ratio of 3 ’staff’ to 2 students during our courses – a level of support very few schools can deliver.

Currently we have 12 Instructors [Master Instructor, IDC Staff Instructors, MSDT’s and OWSI’s], 8 Assistant Instructors, 14 Divemasters, 19 Divemaster Trainees & 18 Rescue Divers available to us to ensure that every course is run with the highest degree of safety cover.

We also have access to 3 Course Directors who gives invaluable support and encouragement to all of our endeavours to maintain our development and achievements.

We respect the trust that our customers put in us, to not only have a fun time but also that everything we do is carried out in a safe and supportive environment.

Come to CARDIFF SCUBA for all of your dive needs. You will always leave better informed and more prepared to enjoy your SCUBA Diving.